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First Look: Arby’s Unveils Newest Restaurants in Egypt

By Raj Prashad

Arby’s is continuing to expand its footprint in foreign markets as the brand enters Egypt.

Vantage Egypt Tourism and Entertainment, which owns and operates several restaurant concepts and international brands in Egypt, is developing 50 new Arby’s restaurants.

The first three locations in Cairo are now open and are located inside a shopping mall, inline alongside other restaurants and retail and as a standalone location. All three restaurants will offer a delivery service and the free-standing restaurant includes a drive-thru.

“Arby’s opening in Egypt is another move that continues to give us more credibility in the Middle East and North Africa.


We’re trying to build a strong brand that will be in this market for many years ahead.” Tim Murphy, President and Managing Director of International, Inspire Brands

Vantage is part of the Halawa Group, one of the largest industrial and food service groups in Egypt, as well as the largest producer of dairy in the country. Vantage has opened and successfully run 40+ Papa John’s Pizza locations in Egypt over the last 10 years, winning the Franchisee of the Year award in 2015 and 2016. Since its founding in 2006, Vantage has grown to more than 1,000 employees.

For Arby’s, these new restaurants in Egypt highlight how the brand is continuing its expansion across the North Africa and Middle East regions. In 2016, Arby’s signed a development agreement with Kharafi Global to open 25 new restaurants in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. These restaurants join Arby’s portfolio of more than 3,400 restaurants worldwide.

Visit Flickr below to view more photos of Arby’s in Egypt:

Arby's in Egypt