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Arby’s Rolls Out New Big Ched Bowling Club Collection

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By Andrew Strait

Arby’s and bowling. The two go together like slow roasted beef and Cheddar cheese sauce. At the center of that perfect combination? Arby’s Social Media Manager Jimmy Beck says to look no further than Arby’s fans, who inspired the brand’s all-new Arby’s Big Ched Bowling Club Collection.

“The same Arby’s fans who love our social media have a strong interest in sports, particularly niche sports like bowling,” says Jimmy. “Part of our job is making our fans feel seen, so we set out to create a bowling merchandise collection that only Arby’s could provide.”

If anyone knows what the fans like best, it’s Jimmy – he originally joined Arby’s in 2016 as a summer intern and has been a part of the brand ever since. “We’re always seeking out new and exciting ways for Arby’s to show up for our fans. Luckily, the social landscape evolves daily and allows us to speak to them in unexpected ways.”

Outside of work, Jimmy shares Arby’s fans’ love of sports and especially enjoys going out to meet other fans where they play. “My weekends in the fall are spent watching the Georgia Bulldogs. I’ve been fortunate to attend sporting events like Games 3 and 5 of the 2021 World Series.” Helping Arby’s fans celebrate their favorite sports is where Jimmy’s personal passions meet his professional calling, and he’s excited to help others experience that intersection of brand and sport with offerings like the bowling collection.

The Arby’s Bowling Collection is available on the beginning Saturday, August 12. The limited-edition merchandise includes an Arby’s Curly Fry Bowling Ball, Arby’s Big Ched Bowling Shirt, and Arby’s Bowling Bag.

“When we realized we wanted to create this merchandise line for sports and food fans, we began ideating around what would be the best item to feature on a bowling ball. Ultimately, we landed on our iconic Curly Fries,” says Jimmy. “After all, who doesn’t want to show up at the bowling alley with an Arby’s Curly Fry Bowling Ball? You can make everyone jealous and hungry at the same time.”