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Arby’s Team Members Rescue Guest From Burning Car

By Raj Prashad

It’s not every day that people are thrust into real-life superhero moments, but at Arby’s restaurant #7377 in Evans, Georgia, two Arby’s team members jumped at the opportunity to help a guest in need.

When team member Gail Bullard spotted a vehicle in the restaurant parking lot on fire, she immediately asked her colleagues Ryan Anderson and Haley Roberts (pictured above) to check to see if anyone was injured. Ryan and Haley leapt into action and were able to help the driver out of the car before it became fully engulfed in flames.

After the encounter, the guest who was nearly caught in the blaze sent the restaurant this note:

“Thank you for hiring awesome people. Yesterday, a man rushed out with a fire extinguisher to save me and my car.


I just think you should know that you have a brave man working for you. It could have been so much worse — he was fast-thinking and got everyone back and was willing to risk danger to save those around.”

Arby’s Guest

Thank you, Ryan and Haley, for your courage in the situation and for being good citizens in your community!