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Giddy Up: Arby’s to Launch Limited Edition Chardonneigh Sauce

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A Crisp Chardonnay Flavored Twist On The Iconic Arby’s Horsey Sauce

Arby’s, the beloved fast-food chain renowned for its delicious sandwiches and signature sauces, is excited to announce the launch of a limited-edition sauce just in time for the Derby Season. Introducing “Chardonneigh’s Horsey Sauce” – a crisp, tantalizing twist on Arby’s classic Horsey Sauce, subtly infused with Chardonnay flavoring for cowboys and city girls alike.

Inspired by the spirit of the Derby and the majestic beauty of Lipizzaner white horses, Arby’s new Chardonneigh’s Horsey Sauce is a sophisticated take on the creamy, flavorful essence of Arby’s iconic Horsey Sauce. Crafted to complement a variety of dishes, this limited-edition sauce delivers a perfect balance of mildness and boldness to appeal to the adventurous palate of the connoisseur.

“Arby’s Horsey Sauce has always been a guest favorite. And we know the old adage of not messing with perfection, but in this case, we couldn’t help ourselves. We have been inspired by the recent rise in chic cowboy culture and wanted to launch something that embodies it” said Ellen Rose, Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The Limited Edition Chardonneigh’s Horsey Sauce is just another example of Arby’s engaging with its fans through fun and unexpected surprises.”

Chardonneigh’s Horsey Sauce comes in a sophisticated frosted glass wine bottle with embossed labeling and features the silhouette of a majestic horse in mid-gallop. Consumers can join Arby’s Rewards to be the first to learn additional details including on-sale dates, shipping dates, and exclusive access to purchase. The sauce will be available for a limited time, only at for $16.