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Arby’s Unveils Limited Edition “Beefy Aloha” Summer Swag Collection

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Just when you thought summer was ending, Arby’s is turning up the heat with the new limited edition “Summer Swag” collection, available exclusively on The “Beefy Aloha” line has everything you need for the perfect summer statement look to let all your friends know you’re serious about fun – and meats.

The line includes swimsuits, bucket hats, tanks and flip-flops, featuring a tropical print studded with Arby’s iconic Beef n’ Cheddar sandwich.

And to complete the fit? Mirrored, wraparound-style party shades that are labeled with “All I See Is Meats” – so everyone will know that The Meats are within sight.

Check out the collection below:

Arby’s Party Shades: When all you see is meats, the view is spectacular. These mirrored, wraparound-style shades will let everyone know that The Meats are within sight. These go with literally any outfit and are perfect to wear literally anywhere. Trust us.

Beefy Aloha Bucket Hat: Say hello to your new signature statement piece. This on-trend bucket hat features a tropical print showcasing our iconic Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwich, and we guarantee that everywhere you wear it, people will be like, “is that an Arby’s bucket hat? Are you for real? That’s incredible.”

Beefy Aloha Swimsuit:The swimsuit you never knew you wanted… until you saw it just now and realize you actually NEED it. This one-piece is sizzling and it features a tropical print showcasing our famous Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwich.

Beefy Aloha Swim Trunks: Both Arby’s superfans and fans of good taste (and things that taste good) will rejoice because we 100% made tropical print Arby’s swim trunks.

Beefy Aloha Flip Flops: This is the only time you’re ever allowed to step on a Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwich. These festive flip flops are embellished with a very beefy tropical print and they’re a perfect match with our Beefy Aloha Shirt, Trunks, Swimsuit, and Hat.

Body by Bacon Swim Trunks: These swim trunks let the world know that you’re bacon-made and proud of it.

Buns Out Tank: Wear this tank when you eat a sandwich and you’ll never have to worry about getting crumbs on your sleeves.

Body by Bacon Towel: The sun is sizzling and so is our bacon. This beach towel is ideal for sun, sand, or any time you want to wrap yourself in bacony goodness.  

Enjoy the entire collection now at, while supplies last.