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A Powerful Act of Kindness in Birmingham

By Matt Baker

When Andrea Mason was leaving work at Arby’s restaurant #609 in Birmingham, Alabama, she saw an elderly gentleman struggling to make his way down the street in a wheelchair. Andrea approached the man, offered to help and proceeded to push his wheelchair 10 blocks to the local VA hospital.

A bystander that observed Andrea’s powerful act of kindness reached out to Arby’s to share what he had witnessed.

“I’m certainly thankful for her and grateful for the goodness she represents in people… I can assure you this young lady represents all the values you seek in your employees.”  Witness

Andrea’s actions represent her incredible character as she went out of her way to help a stranger when she thought no one was watching. After hearing Andrea’s story, Arby’s President Rob Lynch invited her to the Global Support Center where she was given a standing ovation at a town hall meeting.

Thank you, Andrea, for all you do to help make a difference in the lives of our guests and communities.