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Arby’s Wins Prestigious Cannes Silver Lion Award for TikTok Activation

Following up on its popular $5 Missing Menu promotion in November last year, Arby’s was awarded a Cannes Silver Lion for Social & Influencer category in the Real-Time Response category.

It all started on October 22, when TikTok user John Casterline (@h1t1) published a video saying he bought a flat-screen TV for $25 and all it could display was the Arby’s menu.

Dozens of videos and millions of views later, Arby’s finally got its TV back after striking a deal with Casterline, which included the launch of a $5 Missing Menu Meal at participating Arby’s restaurants.

Congratulations to Arby’s on the prestigious award!

And check out the video below to learn more about how Arby’s took TikTok by storm.