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Army Veteran Turned Jimmy John’s Franchisee is Giving Back at VA Hospitals

By Raj Prashad

As a former U.S. Army Captain and combat veteran, Wyatt Batchelor understands what it’s like to be on the front lines. He served three deployments to Afghanistan over five years in the Army before retiring in 2014. Now, as a Jimmy John’s franchisee with MBN Brands alongside Leo Nolan, Michael Mulcahy and Kevin Mulcahy, Batchelor is working to give back to those risking their health for the country’s safety.

Kevin Mulcahy, Michael Mulcahy, Wyatt Batchelor and Leo Nolan of MBN Brands.

After learning about the Veterans Administration opening their doors to the general public to care for those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, MBN Brands partnered with a nonprofit organization, Legacies Alive*, to launch a GoFundMe and raise funds toward providing free meals for healthcare workers at VA hospitals across the country.

“Having come from the military, I understand that any sort of reprieve during the day has a monumental impact on your overall psyche,” Batchelor said. “I think people would be blown away at how far something as simple as a box lunch from Jimmy John’s goes in the course of a day for some of these frontline people.”

MBN Brands has donated more than 800 meals over the last month from its restaurant locations in Denver, Colorado; Little Rock, Arkansas; Salt Lake City, Utah and Kansas City, Missouri. And they plan to continue these meal donations for as long as there is a need.

Jimmy John’s team members donate sandwiches to VA hospitals across the country.

“The feedback has been resoundingly positive,” Batchelor said. “I get phone calls virtually every single day from people saying they love the support we’re offering for doctors, nurses and other staff in the hospitals.

“We’re able to do this because Inspire has strategically positioned Jimmy John’s to weather this storm. We have the abilities for delivery and drive-thru, and we’re very fortunate to remain open when so many small business owners are not. We’re just trying to do a small part by giving back and helping out our community.”

To support Meal Drops for VA Hospitals, donations can be made here.

*Legacies Alive is a non-profit organization that has supported Gold Star Families by ensuring the legacies of our fallen heroes survive forever. Legacies Alive is a 501(c)3 organization and donations will be tax-deductible. 100% of ALL DONATIONS after any GoFundMe fees will go directly to serving meals at VA Hospitals.