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How the Arby’s Foundation is Supporting the Food Service Community

By Raj Prashad

For the last seven years, the Giving Kitchen has remained a fundamental support pillar for the food service community in Georgia. A non-profit organization that supports workers in times of need and hardship, the Giving Kitchen’s role has been amplified with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

To support our industry in this time of need, the Arby’s Foundation is providing $20,000 to the Giving Kitchen.

“As a chef in the restaurant community, I have come to know how terribly COVID -19 is afflicting so many in the restaurant industry,” said Neville Craw, Vice President and Brand Executive Chef for Arby’s.

“These owners, bartenders, chefs and servers are my friends. So, knowing that Arby’s is teaming with this incredible organization and helping so many people gives me a great deal of pride.”

The Giving Kitchen’s mission is to provide stability for food service workers throughout the state of Georgia by offering financial assistance and a network of community resources to those experiencing illness, death of an immediate family member, injury or housing disaster. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Giving Kitchen has provided financial assistance more than $230,000 to 160 food service workers throughout the state of Georgia.

And it’s grants from organizations like the Arby’s Foundation that supports the Giving Kitchen’s efforts to change the lives of food service workers throughout the state.

“This has been one of the most remarkable experiences,” said Jen Hidinger, founder of the Giving Kitchen.

“What I really love seeing is how our community is banding together. To really see the engagement from people across industries contributing to the Giving Kitchen has been amazing. Because of the support from organizations like the Arby’s Foundation, bartenders, servers, chefs and others who are suffering today can now get the support they need.”

To learn more about the Giving Kitchen’s efforts, visit their website here.

This grant is part of the Arby’s Foundation’s continued relief efforts supporting childhood hunger and the restaurant industry. Learn more by following the Arby’s Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn