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Baskin-Robbins Celebrates Children Across the Country Through Pint-Sized Heroes Program

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By Samari Williams

Baskin-Robbins’ Pint-Sized Heroes Program began two years ago to recognize kids who step up and give back to their local communities. Since then, 14 children across the country have been recognized for their positivity, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for giving to those in need.

The Pint-Sized Heroes Program showcases that even the youngest among us can make a difference. Over $45,000 has been donated in the names of our heroes so far to organizations battling hunger and illness.

This year, the Pint-Sized Heroes Program has evolved to recognize and benefit kids receiving care at children’s hospitals across the country. During the month of July, Baskin-Robbins worked closely with the Joy in Childhood Foundation to raise over $56,000 to sustain and grow the program.

child standing with healthcare personnel

Our most recent hero, Michael, is 10 years old and lives in Sacramento, California. As an active kid living with Cerebral Palsy, he continues to be very involved in his community and his friend group. Michael shares a love for sports, chess, and theatre and is known for his optimistic outlook. Michael’s nomination even caught the attention of Fred Warner of the San Francisco 49ers, Michael’s favorite sports team. Warner shared a video congratulating Michael for being recognized as a Pint-Sized Hero.

Baskin-Robbins is celebrating Michael, his contagious spirit, and positive attitude with a $31,000 grant in his name to Shriner’s Children’s Northern California where he receives treatment. And in true Baskin-Robbins fashion, Michael also received a year’s worth of free ice cream.

child holding ice cream cone

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