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Watch: YouTube Influencer Devours New Burger at Buffalo Wild Wings

By Raj Prashad

Popular YouTube influencer Furious Pete has enjoyed his fair share of burgers, ranging from the biggest in the world to one of the most expensive. But when Pete tried the new fresh, never frozen All-American Cheeseburger from Buffalo Wild Wings, he called it “one of the best burgers” he’s ever eaten.

After taking the sports bar up on an invitation to give the burger the ultimate taste test, Pete ordered the fully-dressed, double-stack burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, pickles, bacon, avocado and grilled onions on a toasted challah bun. And it only took one bite for him to see what all the hype was about.

Dozens of his subscribers followed suit, praising the Buffalo Wild Wings burger on social media.

“We set out to create a world-class burger, and we’ve done just that. We love seeing others enjoy this burger as much as we do,” said Jamie Carawan, Vice President of Brand Menu & Culinary, Buffalo Wild Wings.

Watch the full video of Pete’s taste test, and see why he titled his video, “The Tastiest Burger I’ve Ever Eaten.”