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Buffalo Wild Wings Honored by the U.S. Department of Defense

By Matt Baker

Buffalo Wild Wings is grateful for the men and women who put their lives in harm’s way to keep us safe. So, when military members return from overseas or military families relocate, Buffalo Wild Wings is here to welcome them home.

A few of years ago, military veterans employed at Buffalo Wild Wings began building a company-wide network to support those with a connection to our military, including veterans, reservists, and military spouses. The program, called bSTRONG, is led by more than 120 team members who create opportunities for Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants to support their local military communities. bSTRONG works to educate company leaders on the military community while creating a supportive work environment for veterans and military spouses.

In December 2017, bSTRONG and Buffalo Wild Wings signed a pledge with the Department of Defense to encourage the hiring of guardsmen, reservists and veterans. Thanks to the efforts Buffalo Wild Wings has taken to create a supportive work environment for guard and reserve employees, the Department of Defense presented the brand with the Above and Beyond Award in May.

“The military instills core values in service members and their families similar to our own – they are go-getters that thrive under pressure, experienced leaders, team players and problem solvers.


Veterans and their families bring a diverse perspective to Buffalo Wild Wings, and we are a stronger organization with them on our teams.” Justin Bischoff, Talent Acquisition Team Lead, Inspire Brands

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