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Snip and Sip: Cool Your Jewels in the Buffalo Wild Wings ‘Jewel Stool’ This March

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The nets aren’t the only thing getting cut this March, and Buffalo Wild Wings has just what the doctor ordered. Studies have shown there is an increase in vasectomy procedures ahead of the annual college basketball tournament, meaning there are thousands of men who want their doctor-ordered R&R to coincide with the biggest sports weekend of the year.

With these recovering patients in mind, Buffalo Wild Wings developed the Jewel Stool – a custom-built, cutting-edge barstool featuring a built-in cooling apparatus in just the right place to provide continuous relief, so fans can recuperate without missing a second of the college basketball action.

Featuring a chilled cup holder and beer light for when the patient is ready for his next cold one, the crown jewel of the tricked-out barstool is its “jewel cooling coils” which will… well, do exactly what you’d think they’d do.

“It was impossible to ignore the increased chatter around vasectomies in March, where there’s a 30 percent uptick in procedures preceding the tournament.

Jewel Stool gives recovering patients a place to recover without sacrificing the viewing experience.” Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer, Buffalo Wild Wings

Four Jewel Stools will be available starting March 21 on a first-come, first-served basis at Buffalo Wild Wings’ Times Square (New York, NY) and Los Angeles, CA-Koreatown (Los Angeles, CA) locations.

Buffalo Wild Wings - Jewel Stool