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Buffalo Wild Wings Unveils New Ad Campaign, “That’s March Madness”

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Just in time for college basketball’s biggest tournament of the year, Buffalo Wild Wings has unveiled the “That’s March Madness” advertising campaign, encouraging sports fans to get out of their houses and into the four walls of Buffalo Wild Wings to let their true fandom run free.

“That’s March Madness,” will lead the new Buffalo Wild Wings campaign as its title television spot, condemning watching the basketball tournament under sub-par conditions, such as on a tablet or in your basement.

“We’ve been taught that you can watch the games anywhere – be it your phone, your office cubicle or the basement in your wife’s house, but as true sports fans, we know the unrivaled experience of watching the tournament across hundreds of TVs with wings, beer and your best friends by your side,” said Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer, Buffalo Wild Wings.

“This year, at Buffalo Wild Wings, we will celebrate true fandom by translating unbeatable moments on the court into unforgettable experiences in our sports bars.”

The “That’s March Madness” campaign is the first produced by Richmond, Virginia-based The Martin Agency since being appointed as the lead creative agency of Buffalo Wild Wings in November 2018.

“Technology has changed. Streaming services are available and that’s crept into our everyday life. ‘That’s March Madness’ acknowledges that we’ve become isolated. And Buffalo Wild Wings represents the place we can come together, watch the games and go crazy,” said Mik Manulik, Associate Creative Director at The Martin Agency.

If a tournament game goes into overtime, a spot titled, “Overtime,” will air during the first commercial break.

“Man Caves and technology have divided us, conquered us and allowed a part of our herd to be divided. Sports is about finding your tribe. At the heart of it, camaraderie is really what it’s all about. It’s time we take note of that,” said Scot Crooker, Associate Creative Director at The Martin Agency

The “That’s March Madness” campaign will also air :15 spots titled “Mr. Pickles” and “Birthday”. Additional radio spots will begin airing on March 18.