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Buffalo Wild Wings Releases Unbustable Bracket Pick ‘Em Game. The Grand Prize? A Custom-Built Sports Bar

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Buffalo Wild Wings is launching a dynamic Pick ‘Em game for the tournament, with over 500 prizes up for grabs, which instantly solves the problem of busted brackets. Each round brings new game picks and props, so players can win even after their bracket is busted. In addition to winners based on tournament-long performance, prizes will be awarded for winning single days, rounds and even making correct single game picks, with prizes including game tickets, free wings for a year, Blazin’ Rewards points or even being immortalized with a plaque in your local restaurant commemorating your legendary Pick ‘Em performance.

With picks resetting each round, players don’t need to pick a perfect bracket to win. But if the unthinkable happens and a player gets every game pick correct, they will win their own fully-operational Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar – where everything, including the location, design, decoration and menu, will be customized by the winner.

“No one has ever nailed a perfect tournament bracket, so such a legendary accomplishment would be deserving of the most legendary sports bar on earth.” Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer, Buffalo Wild Wings

“Every single aspect of this Buffalo Wild Wings would be fully customizable by the winner. The sky’s the limit – literally. You want a penthouse Buffalo Wild Wings on the top floor of your office building so you can take mid-day wing and beer breaks? We’re on it. You want to call it Frank’s Buffalo Wild Wings with a marble Frank statue and Blazin’ Sauce fountain out front? Great! We’ll call our fountain guy.”

Live now, the Bracket Pick ‘Em game is free to play and can be accessed through the Blazin’ Rewards app. Simply click the Pick ’Em logo and make your game picks and props each round. To be eligible to win prizes, go to a Buffalo Wild Wings during the game to check in via the Blazin’ Rewards app.

Head to for full details on rules and prizing.