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Inspire Impact: How We’re Making An Impact Across America

As one of the largest restaurant companies in the United States, Inspire Brands has the unique opportunity to impact millions of lives every day. That’s why, when founding Inspire and deciding what kind of company we wanted to be, we identified Good Citizen as one of our core behaviors.

Being a Good Citizen is engrained in everything we do at Inspire. We foster great places to work where our team members – regardless of their age, gender, or ethnicity – can grow and succeed. We unlock the potential in our next generation by investing in schools, non-profits, and charities across the country. And, we propel sustainability initiatives that are good for the environment, our business, and our future.

Through all of these efforts, Inspire aims to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Inspire Impact, a data-driven platform that highlights how Inspire is making positive contributions across America.

When looking back at our inaugural year, Inspire and our brands created more than 4,300 new jobs – bringing our total workforce of company team members and franchisee employees to 240,000 in the U.S. We contributed $3.8 billion in economic impact through restaurant development, wages, and taxes paid. And, we raised $15 million to support philanthropic initiatives across all 50 states.

Inspire Impact will continue to be updated. Over time, new data points will be added, including our progress on initiatives that elevate our team members, enhance our sustainability, and strengthen our communities.

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