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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings Hosts Second Head-to-Head Competition During Football Season

Buffalo Wild Wings hosted its second head-to-head competition this football season between sports bars in East Lansing, MI and Ann Arbor, MI. 

As the teams from UM and MSU took the field last Saturday, fans at the Buffalo Wild Wings sports bars nearest to their school’s football stadium were steeped in a competition of their own, an epic halftime Blazin’ Challenge.

Hype hosts kept fans engaged throughout the competition, as professional football player and Too Hot To Handle star Chase DeMoor emceed at the East Lansing sports bar while DJ and YouTuber Kam Bennett appeared at the Ann Arbor location. 

The East Lansing sports bar walked away victorious at halftime, completing nine Blazin’ Challenges during the game break. In the spirit of friendly competition, fans at each sports bar scored six free wings via Blazin’ Rewards to use on their next visit to Buffalo Wild Wings.