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Oklahoma City Buffalo Wild Wings Serves Hundreds of Stranded Military

January 11, 2019
By Raj Prashad

When Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee Steve Howard and his wife, Alicia, got a call in the middle of the night about the 700 or so stranded soldiers at the local Oklahoma City airport, there was no hesitation before they sprung into action.

“We were in bed and our son called us and let us know that there were hundreds of soldiers stranded from ice/snow at Will Rogers airport trying to get to Ft. Sill, and they were sleeping on the floor and eating MRE’s.


We jumped up, contacted the Military Welcome Center and got the ok to bring them food.” Alicia Howard, Howard Group Marketing Manager, Buffalo Wild Wings

Steve and Alicia reached out to two locations near the airport, Rockwell General Manager Jason Johnson and Oklahoma City General Manager Taylor Hendley, who prepared more than 7,000 wings and potato wedges on a moments notice to deliver to the troops.

“We got a caravan of trucks out to deliver the food,” Alicia said.

“We were greeted by a line of helpers to unload and everyone was so grateful. These are our closest locations to the airport, and everyone worked really hard to make the magic happen.”

After helping out these soldiers, Alicia plans to volunteer at the Military Welcome Center in the future, where she hopes to bring some team members with her.

“Kindness can change the world.” Alicia Howard, Howard Group Marketing Manager, Buffalo Wild Wings

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