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How “Fate” Led Teresa Ibinger to Buffalo Wild Wings

By Raj Prashad

“I would say it was fate.”

That’s how Teresa Ibinger explains getting her start at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and eventually working her way into the corporate office.

In 2011, she was just a sophomore in high school traveling around Hudson, Wisconsin, in search of her first job. Teresa had applied at nearly 10 different places when she got the call from Buffalo Wild Wings to come in for an interview.

“Buffalo Wild Wings was the cool place to work, so I was excited to interview there,” she said.

“Everyone there just loved the atmosphere.”

Teresa landed a position as a greeter, and within a year she had become emotionally attached to the brand, determined to one day move to the corporate level and spend her career with Buffalo Wild Wings.

“I don’t know how to explain it, I just became fully invested in the success of Buffalo Wild Wings really early on.” Teresa Ibinger, Beverage Marketing Coordinator, Buffalo Wild Wings

Over the next few years, Teresa learned a variety of skills in the restaurant. She transitioned from greeter to cashier and eventually into a server role. In college, as Teresa pursued a marketing degree, she began looking for opportunities that could help her achieve the goal of one day working in the brand’s corporate office.

She started with an in-restaurant internship, which included three months of training that gave team members experience learning all the functions of the day-to-day operations.

“I wanted to get ahead of the game,” Teresa said.

“I tried to get as much experience as possible because I think during that time, my mindset was employers like to see that you have a little bit of real world experience.”

Shortly after receiving her marketing degree, Teresa explored another internship, this time with the Beverage Innovation team. After spending a year as an intern, Teresa was offered an opportunity to move from her internship into a full-time position, taking on the Beverage Marketing Coordinator role.

“I cried when I found out I got the position,” Teresa said.

“I’m honored that they saw the talent in me to allow me to stay with the Buffalo Wild Wings brand.”

For Teresa, every day on the job is different. She assists with product photoshoots, coordinates support materials in the restaurant, helps with the communication and execution of new beverage programs and assists with event planning to support the beverage team.

Through this role, Teresa is certain she can work to make a long-term impact on Buffalo Wild Wings as the brand continues to grow.

“I want to make sure I have an impact on the business in some shape or form, and I think I can do that with food and beverage being such an important focus for Buffalo Wild Wings.” Teresa Ibinger, Beverage Marketing Coordinator, Buffalo Wild Wings