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How Arby’s Supported Chyna McCall’s Dreams

By Raj Prashad

As a high school senior, there isn’t much down time for Chyna McCall. When she’s not working on classwork, gaining experience in clubs at school or preparing for ACT and SAT tests, she’s spent time working at Arby’s over the last year.

And that’s what made receiving the news that she’d been accepted to Georgia Tech during a shift at Arby’s such a special moment.

“My co-workers and managers have done nothing but support me. Everyone at my restaurant encourages me to push harder.


The time leading up to my acceptance was filled with nothing but reassurance from my team that I would get in.” Chyna McCall, Team Member, Arby’s

Part of that support comes from the restaurant’s general manager, Hillary Overton, who has gone above and beyond to support Chyna.

“Hillary has made such an impact on my life. She has been so understanding and helpful since the moment I met her,” Chyna said.

“Having a single parent and a job aren’t always compatible, but having Hillary as a manager made the situation easy. Hillary has even picked me up any time my mom was at work and unable to.”

For Chyna, the last year at Arby’s has provided not only support to chase bigger and better things in school, but it’s also given her tools she can use in all aspects of life.

“Working at Arby’s has taught me many things about myself and who I am as a person,” Chyna said.

“Before Arby’s, I wasn’t as good at problem solving or performing under pressure, but I’ve learned how to multitask and keep my composure. I have become more comfortable with being able to depend on others in certain situations, as well, but at the same time be independent when needed.”

“My first job, the experiences that have come with it and the people I have met have developed me as a person. I wouldn’t trade my experiences at Arby’s for the world.” Chyna McCall, Team Member, Arby’s

Chyna plans to attend Georgia Tech in the fall. She was admitted as a Biology major, but may change to Biomedical Engineering, with a minor in Marketing or Business. She plans to continue working at Arby’s on breaks from school.