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Dunkin’ Completes Acquisition of 31 Franchised Locations in Ohio

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Dunkin’ announced today the purchase of 31 restaurants in Ohio previously operated by Dunkin’ franchise network SMB Donuts. With this acquisition, Dunkin’ will now own and operate 31 locations and welcome nearly 900 restaurant-level employees into the broader Inspire Brands family. 

Like other brands in the Inspire portfolio, having a percentage of corporate-owned locations will enable Dunkin’ to get closer to day-to-day operations and test and learn in a controlled environment – leading to better-informed decisions impacting the entire system. Additionally, the acquisition is another unlock in Dunkin’s development strategy in the Midwest, allowing for accelerated growth and new concept testing in a high-performing market. 

As part of the Inspire Brands portfolio, Dunkin’ will also leverage Inspire’s collective strengths and expertise in operating nearly 2,200 corporate-owned locations, across five other brands in the US, by deploying best-in-class field resources, payroll, IT, accounting, and technology capabilities.  

“Dunkin’ is committed to being a franchisor of choice, and the strong relationships we have with our franchisees differentiate us within the industry. These relationships have been further fueled by Inspire’s commitment to think and act like an owner,” said Scott Murphy, President of Dunkin’ and head of beverage-snack category at Inspire Brands. “We are thrilled to have corporate-owned locations in our system, which give us skin in the game and demonstrates to our franchisees that anything we ask them to do, we will now be executing at a large scale alongside them.”

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