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From the Air Force to Inspire: Justin Bischoff’s Career Serving Others

By Raj Prashad

Justin Bischoff has dedicated his career to serving others. What started when he joined the Air Force directly out of high school has continued on in his job helping professionals chase their dreams as part of talent acquisition teams. He spent 12 years on active duty, managing security both internationally in England and back home in the United States before moving over to the recruiting world.

It was there that Bischoff found a passion for discovering talent, sourcing, recruiting and selecting individuals for military positions from Fort Snelling, Minnesota. When he left the military in 2016, a chance encounter at a job fair led Bischoff to Inspire Brands, where he now fulfills a similar role.

“I really fell in love with recruiting in the Air Force,” Bischoff said. “I found out that I was really good at making great connections with people and showing them the benefits of what the military could bring. And I kind of do the same thing here at Inspire. It’s all about telling people what Inspire can possibly give to that person, finding out what they are looking for in their next opportunity and how can we help them get there.”

After joining Inspire in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, it was Bischoff’s dedication to supporting his country and his local community that led him to continue serving.

“I was looking to do a couple of things to continue my sense of service,” Bischoff said. “So I joined the Air Force reserves and the fire department as an EMT.”

As a firefighter, he typically assists on hundreds of calls each year, supporting suburbs of the Twin Cities. But recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, his responsibilities have shifted.

“Before we had to make 35 percent of all calls that came in and trained every Thursday. But now we’re running 12-hour shifts,” Bischoff said.”With everything going on, the needs are just higher.”

That uptick in service required Bischoff to adjust his work schedule in order to serve the growing needs of his community.

“I knew that my boss was going to be supportive and say, ‘whatever we need to do, let’s make it work,’” Bischoff said. “That’s exactly what has happened and I just appreciate everything Inspire has done for our teams during these challenging times.”

It’s efforts like his team’s unwavering support that stands out to Bischoff. And it’s why he’s proud to continue building the future of Inspire through his role on the talent acquisition team.

“This isn’t a company that you want to spend three years with before moving on to the next job,” Bischoff said. “It’s a company that you want to come to and retire from. If you look around you, especially at the top of this organization, you’ll see people who started out as team members 30 years ago are now vice presidents of training or vice presidents of human resources or a number of different things like that.

“Working at Inspire has really been something special and I’m thankful to be apart of such a great team.”