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Watch Rob Gronkowski and Shaq Face Off in the BWW Blazin’ Challenge

By Raj Prashad

The Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge has taken down its fair share of challengers over the years. At 350,000 Scoville units, Blazin’ sauce is 60x hotter than jalapeño peppers and requires fans to sign a waiver before attempting the spicy challenge.

Saturday night, during Shaquille O’Neal’s live stream showdown with Rob Gronkowski, Buffalo Wild Wings took the heat a step further and unveiled its latest Blazin’ Challenge in the form of Carolina Reaper sauce, which will be available nationwide in September. Shaq vs. Gronk featured a night full of epic challenges, where the star athletes raised money for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the NAACP in an effort to help fight for social justice.

Competing for a $5,000 donation from Buffalo Wild Wings to their respective charities, Shaq and Gronk were the first to try the new Carolina Reaper sauce. The sauce is made from the hottest pepper on Earth, ranked at more than two million Scoville units and features hot red pepper sauce and roasted garlic.

Gronk jumped right in, finishing six wings, while Shaq hid behind a roll of paper towels and escaped the pain by pretending to eat his tray of wings. Despite only having a taste of the Carolina Reaper sauce, Shaq doused his mouth in milk and Gronk fought through the pain to add the Blazin’ Challenge belt to his championship collection.

“My face is on fire, my head is on fire. My eyes are on fire, too.” Rob Gronkowski

For their efforts, Buffalo Wild Wings surprised Shaq and Gronk with a $5,000 donation to each of their charities.

Check out the clip above and witness Shaq and Gronk’s Blazin’ Challenge.