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How BWW & Dos Equis Teamed to Create a New Beer

By Katie Pellegrino

As part of the brand’s Brew Series, Buffalo Wild Wings has collaborated with Dos Equis to release a new style of beer — Mexican Pale Ale  — on September 17. The new twist on traditional Mexican beer comes after a year of partnership between the Buffalo Wild Wings Beverage team and the Dos Equis Brew Masters.

As the nation’s largest pourer of draft beer, Buffalo Wild Wings was invited to Monterrey, Mexico, by Nicole Dobson, Gabriel Ramirez (both pictured above) and the Dos Equis team in Fall 2017 to develop the first beverage innovation from Dos Equis in decades.

The team took inspiration from food markets in Mexico and their abundance of chili peppers.


They tried a variety of light and dark lagers with different combinations of peppers, spices and mole flavor, trying to get just the right amount of heat.

bww chilis mexico

The Buffalo Wild Wings team took inspiration from food markets in Mexico.

The end result is a beverage that incorporates classic Mexican flavors of citrus and chili, while maintaining a beverage style Dos Equis has come to be known for.

“We settled on a chili pepper flavor that had a bit of heat but was still sessionable,” said Andrea Schwenk, Beverage Director of Buffalo Wild Wings. “We gave feedback on the amount of heat in the beer, when it hits the palate, and how much it lingers to help perfect the beer’s flavor profile.

“We also selected the hops that we felt provided the best flavor complement to the chili flavor. Specifically, we selected Lemon Drop because it provided a nice acidic balance to the beer and complemented the chili flavor well.  We also used a blend of Styrian hops to bring an earthy and slightly peppery aroma to complement the chili flavor in the beer.”

The Dos Equis Mexican Pale Ale is the first import beer in the Brew Series. It is currently available in all restaurants through early November.

Dos Equis Mexican Pale Ale:

  • Style – Mexican Pale Ale
  • Key ingredients – Unmalted Mexican Barley; Styrian and Lemondrop hops; Mexican hot pepper
  • IBUs – 30
  • ABV – 5.5%
  • See – Clear, Pale Copper/Amber with light white head
  • Smell – Mild citrus with a slight caramel note
  • Sip – A well balanced crisp citrus and soft bitterness, with a surprise hint of heat.
  • Pairs well with – Red Enchilada wing sauce and Cheddar Cheese Curds

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