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How One Social Response Connected Arby’s and a Fan for Life

By Raj Prashad

Social media can be a cluttered space, but Arby’s has continuously stood out from the crowd. From video games to anime characters and professional wrestling, the brand’s persona as a “fellow fan” has helped create a deep-rooted, special connection with its loyal fanbase. But that connection requires so much more than developing creative content and hitting send. The Arby’s social team has worked to meet its fans wherever they can, in whatever ways they can. 

“We want our fans to know they’re just as important to us outside Arby’s as they are inside the restaurant,” said Jimmy Beck, Digital & Social Media Supervisor for Arby’s. “We’re always ready on social to give them what they want, even if it’s just a little bit of attention.”

Over the years, that attention has varied. For example, last year, Arby’s hand-crafted fans’ portraits using actual sandwich ingredients during its #MakeMySandwich Campaign — and recently, something as simple as a response paired the brand and a fan for life.

On a recent Arby’s Instagram post, Adrian Ramirez commented, “If Arby’s replies I’ll tattoo ‘Arby’s’ on me.” Within minutes the brand responded “BET” and waited for Ramirez to follow up with his guarantee.

“Arby’s has a really good social department, so I wanted to see if they’d respond to me,” Ramirez said. “I’m a high-stakes type of person. So when they responded, I went out the next week to get the Arby’s logo on my leg.”

Just one week later, he shared the following photos:

For his fandom, Arby’s sent Ramirez a pair of meat sweats, a replica 10-gallon hat and gift cards.

“I already dove into the gift cards and got myself a half-pound Beef ‘n Cheddar,” Ramirez said.

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