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Inspire Welcomes SONIC Drive-In With Simulcast Celebration

By Raj Prashad

Inspire officially welcomed SONIC into its family of brands with a town hall celebration that was simulcasted across Inspire’s Support Centers in Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Oklahoma City.

The simulcast included remarks from Inspire Brands Chief Executive Officer Paul Brown and SONIC President Claudia San Pedro, as well as a cheerful reception from more than 1,000 Inspire team members who celebrated with “Welcome Sonic!” signs and confetti.

Following the simulcast, team members enjoyed a one-time only unique taste of the four brands in the form of “Inspire tots.” The multi-brand concoction featured SONIC’s famous tater tots topped with Arby’s beef brisket, smothered in spicy Jammin’ Jalapeño sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings and covered in melty cheese and fresh jalapeños from Rusty Taco.


“Inspire tots” featuring aspects of SONIC, Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Rusty Taco served at the Inspire Celebration.

The celebration followed Inspire’s acquisition of SONIC, making Inspire the fifth-largest restaurant company in the United States with more than $12 billion in system sales.


Inspire Chief Executive Officer Paul Brown and SONIC President Claudia San Pedro at the Inspire Celebration in Oklahoma City.