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QSR Magazine Takes an Exclusive Look at Inspire Brands

By Raj Prashad

When Sam Oches, the editorial director for one of the restaurant industry’s leading news outlets, QSR Magazine, made the trek to Atlanta to meet with executives from Inspire Brands, he didn’t think his visit would result in anything out of the ordinary. He expected to meet with yet another rising company thinking it “has the keys to the restaurant industry’s fortunes.”

Instead, what Sam found is a groundbreaking business model.

“My conversations with Inspire representatives were distinct, and they revealed a company that is rejecting the familiar pattern, designing something new, something fresh. Something that has never existed before,” Sam said.

He came away with the notion that the operating company of Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, SONIC Drive-In and Rusty Taco could “upend everything we know about running a multi-brand portfolio.”

That realization is due to a dozen interviews he conducted with executives and franchisees across the Inspire system, interviews which encapsulated the palpable energy within the company.

During those interviews, Sam dove into how Inspire’s shared services model leverages the resources and capabilities of the entire platform to make each brand stronger.

“What makes Inspire so potent is its collective power.” Sam Oches, Editorial Director, QSR Magazine

He touched on how Inspire is creating a dynamic workplace centered on innovation, curiosity, and data-driven decisions. And he spoke with franchisees about their excitement and optimism for the future of their respective brands as part of Inspire.

All of these things, Sam learned, are driving forward an incredibly promising future for Inspire.

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