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Inspire Donates Equipment to Guatemalan Coffee Farming Families 

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By Jessica Shock

Coffee is a difficult crop to grow – in addition to the need for a temperate climate and rainfall, harvested coffee cherries need days of drying before they can be sold. In Guatemala, generations of farming families have harnessed the country’s steep mountainous slopes and high altitudes to successfully grow coffee almost year-round.

To support these rural farming families, members of Inspire’s leadership team visited local coffee farmers in Guatemala to learn more about their farming practices and donate covered drying beds to help protect their crops. A critical part of the harvesting process, these drying beds will provide harvested coffee cherries coverage to dry away from the region’s near-constant rain and moisture.

“With coffee at the heart of our business, it was inspiring to spend time with the hard-working, innovative farmers of Guatemala,” says Inspire Chief Communications and Impact Officer Chris Fuller. “We’re honored to support some of the farmers and producers cultivating the quality coffee our guests love.”

One of those farmers is Karin Hernandez Solorzano. She’s a founding member of the organization Mujeres en Café, which translates to ‘Women in Coffee,’ and an owner of a small coffee mill in Alotenango, Guatemala. She was in need of drying space, and the three new coffee drying beds will support her farm as well as several neighboring farms.

“Around here, it’s common to sell coffee while still in the cherry, immediately after harvest. But if farmers had the means to dry their coffee, they’d get a much better price for the product,” says Karin, who has been using drying patios for her coffee production but will now be able to use raised beds under the donated drying tents. “These raised beds dry the coffee more slowly and evenly, which improves the final quality.”

Inspire is committed to supporting our sourced coffee and the coffee farmers with whom we work. In 2022, we announced the Dunkin’ Drive-To Sustainability Program to serve 100% responsibly sourced coffee by 2025.

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