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Inspire Kicks Off Fourth Annual Good Citizens Month

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By Jessica Shock

April at Inspire Brands heralds the return of Good Citizens Month. Established in 2020, this month-long initiative encourages team members and franchisees around the world to embody the best of being Good Citizens, an Inspire Core Behavior that guides us to elevate each other and the communities we serve.

“We are excited to officially launch Inspire’s fourth annual Good Citizens Month,” says Chief Communications and Impact Officer Christopher Fuller. “I can’t wait to serve alongside our team members and franchisees as we bring our Good Citizens behavior to life around the globe.”

Each year, the Inspire Brands Foundation and Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation partner with non-profit organizations to create impactful volunteer projects throughout the month of April with the goal of providing at least one volunteer opportunity every day. This April, there are more than 115 Foundation-led projects already scheduled, in addition to volunteer projects team members and franchisees organize themselves and available flexible service projects that can be completed remotely at any time during the month.

“Good Citizens Month brings this exciting buzz of activity,” says Inspire Brands Foundation Executive Director Stuart Brown. “Inspire makes a concerted effort throughout April to volunteer and build relationships with one another and the communities we serve. It’s an incredible way to make tangible the impact Inspire and our brands are making year-round.”

In 2023, Inspire team members and franchisees volunteered in more than 200 service projects throughout the month of April, logging more than 8,000 collective hours of giving back. Team members at every level volunteered to give back to their communities around the world, including sorting and packing donations, spending time at animal shelters and hospitals, and cleaning up our communities.

For more information about Inspire’s impact, visit our Impact Site.

Volunteering as part of Good Citizens Month? Don’t forget to use hashtags #GoodCitizensMonth and #InspireBrands when you share your experience on social.