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Spring Is in Full Bloom With Baskin-Robbins’ New Marigold Dreamsicle

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Stop and taste the marigolds with Baskin-Robbins’ new Flavor of the Month, Marigold Dreamsicle

April showers bring marigold flowers! Spring is in full bloom and that means sunshine-y weather, vibrant florals, and fresh fruit blossoming on trees. And that also means a new, never-before-seen flavor at Baskin-Robbins. Stop and taste the marigolds this spring with our new Flavor of the Month, Marigold Dreamsicle.

A spoonful of springtime, our new Flavor of the Month is a bold mix of marigold and vanilla bean ice creams with a refreshing orange swirl. Made from real marigold blossoms for a light floral taste, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Marigold Dreamsicle embraces the growing trend of botanical-inspired treats with its floral flavor profile. Bold and bright in every bite, the scoop features marigold ice cream, which is a unique, fresh, and mildly citrus flavor that is deliciously complemented by vanilla bean ice cream. Adding to the refreshing fusion of flavors, our orange swirl heightens the marigold ice cream’s subtle citrus notes. Be sure to stop and taste the marigolds before Marigold Dreamsicle season ends!

Order Marigold Dreamsicle on the BR App

With the new updates to our BR App, guests can now order flavors like Marigold Dreamsicle in a scoop, beverage, or sundae for pick up in as little as 15 minutes. Get your favorites faster by downloading the BR App in the Google Play or App Store. Future you thanks you for ordering ahead.