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Inspire, Pepsi Give Two Team Members Opportunity of a Lifetime

By Raj Prashad

With the professional football championship game just a few miles away from Inspire’s Atlanta Support Center, two team members were surprised with what is universally known as “the hardest tickets to get in sports.”

As part of a kickoff party hosted by Inspire and Pepsi, Tameema Ahmed and Kelly Powley each won a pair of tickets to The Big Game.

Tameema Inspire

Tameema Ahmed accepts two tickets to the big game from Inspire Brand Chief Executive Officer Paul Brown (left) and Buffalo Wild Wings President Lyle Tick (right).

For Tameema, tickets provided by Inspire gave her the opportunity to share a unique birthday present with her husband, Shakeeb.

“His birthday was the day before, and I was really hoping to win something,” Tameema said.

“I never win anything, so I thought it was a long shot. But then they called my number, and I was just in shock. I couldn’t believe it.”

She had the gut reaction to text him on the spot after her big win, but instead opted to wait until she got home so she could see his reaction first-hand.

“I put the tickets in a bag around four Pepsi cans, and when he pulled them out, he thought it was a commemorative item.


When he realized what they were, he just kept yelling, ‘No way, no way.'” Tameema Ahmed, Benefits Coordinator, Inspire Brands

Kelly Powley

Kelly Powley accepts two tickets to the big game from Pepsi Director of National Sales John Ledva.

For Kelly, the tickets from Pepsi gave her son, Connor, a great reason to make a last-minute trip home from Los Angeles.

“As soon as I got the tickets, I called him. I told him I’d won and he said, ‘Yeah, right.’ I told him you need to come right now,” Kelly said.

“Within a few minutes of me calling him, he had a flight booked and I met him at the stadium on Sunday.”

For Kelly and Tameema, the game was everything they’d imagined it would be — excitement, entertainment and a contest that came down to the wire. But more than enjoying arguably the biggest sporting event of the year, they’ll always have fond memories of spending quality time with the people who matter most in their lives.

And for that, they’re grateful to Inspire for providing those opportunities.

“I’m so lucky to be working at a place that does something like this. It’s extremely generous.


There’s not an expectation for a company to do anything like this. They just do this out of their own good will.” Tameema Ahmed, Benefits Coordinator, Inspire Brands

Kelly echoed those sentiments.

“This is the best place.


I’ve worked at a lot of places, and this is the most fun I’ve had at a job. The culture here is great.” Kelly Powley, Senior Executive Assistant, Inspire Brands

The kickoff event also included music by local entertainer DJ Grace, as well as snack and drinks, provided by Frito-Lay, Pepsi and Anheuser Busch. While tickets to the game was the grand prize, other items were raffled off, including signed football jerseys and helmets.