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First Arby’s Foundation Scholarship Recipient “Dreams Big”

While Jahari Fraser was a student at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School, he was a natural leader and a frequent flyer on the school’s honor roll. He served as the student body president in addition to being an active member of the math and baseball teams.

Jahari also participated in the Corporate Work Study program, which pays for a portion of Cristo Rey students’ education and gives them real-world job experience. Jahari’s participation in the program led him to Arby’s, a path that would significantly impact his life and inspire him to dream big.

Through the Corporate Work Study Program, Jahari spent five full days every month working at the Inspire Support Center in Atlanta. He learned the ins-and-outs of corporate life, and he honed his organizational and customer service skills. While shadowing the risk management team, he learned firsthand about the importance of communication and having an eye for detail. He also spent time working alongside event planners with the Arby’s Foundation, which he said was his favorite part of the experience.

At the 2016 Dream Big event, the Arby’s team had a top-secret surprise in store for him. Onstage, then-Arby’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Brown awarded Jahari the first-ever Dream Big Scholarship. Today he’s using these funds combined with the prestigious full-tuition Posse Leadership Scholarship to pursue global and international studies with a concentration in economics at Bard College. Jahari is also continuing his path as a student leader with his sights forever set on making a difference.

“At Arby’s, I definitely learned how to Dream Big.


I wasn’t sure where I would fit into a corporate office or what my next step would be, but working with such wonderful people showed me I really can achieve anything I put my mind to.” Jahari Fraser, Dream Big scholarship recipient