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SONIC Drive-In Manager and Volunteer Firefighter Named Citizen of the Year

By Raj Prashad

Whether serving guests at SONIC or rescuing someone in need as a member of the volunteer fire department, Jaime Hernandez puts others before himself.

“What I can do to make someone’s day better, I do it.” Jaime Hernandez, SONIC manager

“You never know who is having a bad day or could use a helping hand,” Jamie said. “That’s why I always try to have a smile on my face.”

That caring nature is why Jaime was nominated by a SONIC guest — and eventually named — the 2018 Citizen of the Year in his hometown of Post, Texas.

Jamie’s compassion for others was evident from a young age. When he suddenly lost his father at 14 years old and witnessed his mother struggling to take care of their family, Jaime immediately began looking for a way to contribute.

“I had two sisters at home, and I knew my mom couldn’t afford to give me money for lunch or new clothes. So, a week before I turned 15, I joined SONIC as a carhop,” he said.

“Looking back, I think working there helped me mature faster than most kids my age.”

Jaime Hernandez Post Volunteer Fire Department

Jaime Hernandez serves with the Post Volunteer Fire Department.

After graduating from high school, Jaime joined the volunteer fire department in hopes of making a difference in his community.

“I’m driven by the adrenaline rush that goes with helping others, or saving someone’s life,” Jaime said.

While he still volunteers to this day, 29-year-old Jaime spends most of his time at SONIC, where he now oversees restaurant operations for SONIC franchisee group M&D Industries.

“I never thought I’d become a partner in this business, but I love what I do. It’s an amazing feeling working at SONIC and interacting with our guests. I’d say that’s what I enjoy the most about working here,” Jaime said.

Spending more than half his life thus far with SONIC has deepened Jamie’s passion for serving others, and it’s given him an appreciation for what can be accomplished when you bring together dedication and a friendly smile.

“I know that if I go above and beyond for our guests, they’ll always be there for me and my team members.”

Jaime Hernandez family

Jaime Hernandez and his family celebrate after he received the Citizen of the Year award.