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Seth Freeman’s Passion for Marketing: From a Lemonade Stand to Buffalo Wild Wings

By Raj Prashad

Seth Freeman always knew he was destined for a career in marketing and advertising. When Seth was younger, he was the kid who ran a lemonade stand on the street corner, promoted talent shows in high school, and hung flyers around town for concerts.

“I always loved the feeling of creating new things and bringing something to life. To me, creativity is what marketing is all about.” Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer, Buffalo Wild Wings

Seth’s love for connecting customers with great brands has expanded over the last two decades. At InterContinental Hotels Group, Seth led guest experience, design initiatives, and oversaw award-winning marketing campaigns for Holiday Inn Express.

Before joining IHG, Seth led end-to-end brand stewardship at Coca-Cola for Gold Peak Tea, and managed sponsorship integrations with NASCAR and FIFA World Cup. It was there that Seth learned to take strategic risks, launch new products, and innovate at a global scale.

It was these lessons that prepared Seth to join Buffalo Wild Wings as the brand’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“And I remember getting a call from Lyle Tick, and he told me that I got the job. I was just ecstatic.”

For Seth, leading marketing for the iconic sports bar brand hit close to home. “I feel like I have an intimate connection with Buffalo Wild Wings,” Seth said.

“I took so many trips to B-Dubs with my buddies when I was in high school and college. But I’ve also had many guys’ nights out with my son, just the two of us, hanging out and watching sports. There’s an emotional connection to Buffalo Wild Wings.”

For many fans like Seth, their connection to Buffalo Wild Wings is personal. “If you think about our purpose of inspiring legendary experiences between friends, it’s so much bigger than just a sports bar. That’s what folks really want to be a part of,” Seth said.

Today, Seth and his team of more than 50 people are hard at work creating a new cultural experience for the brand. He led the team in launching a new advertising campaign that calls on fans to get off their couches and experience sports games at BWW. Seth has also helped introduce Brand Champ, which teaches restaurant team members how to deliver on the Buffalo Wild Wings purpose every day.

“What’s unique here is the momentum is palpable. You can feel it. Buffalo Wild Wings is a brand that folks want to be apart of.” Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer, Buffalo Wild Wings

For Seth, helping return Buffalo Wild Wings to its essence as THE Great American Sports Bar is more than just helping a brand thrive. It’s digging into the passion he has for marketing and why he joined the business in the first place.

“I was raised with the understanding of whatever I did in life, I had to fully believe in it,” Seth said.

“I believe in this brand. I know that we have an opportunity to create an atmosphere where folks can grow together and come closer together. Who wouldn’t get excited about that?”

Seth Freeman speaks at convention.

Buffalo Wild Wings Chief Marketing Officer Seth Freeman speaks at the 2019 Buffalo Wild Wings WorldWide Convention.