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Jammin’ Jalapeño is Making a Permanent Return to Buffalo Wild Wings

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By Raj Prashad

It’s official: Jammin’ Jalapeño is staying in Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants across the country.

The permanent return of the jalapeño sauce that boasts hints of tequila and lime comes three years after it was removed from the menu. Buffalo Wild Wings announced a limited-time return in November after fans flooded social media with requests for their favorite sauce. Thanks to those die-hards, the sauce won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

“Brands have the biggest impact by listening to what the audience is telling them. We want our fans to know that we hear them.” Micah Hart, Director of Social Media, Buffalo Wild Wings

“They had everything to do with not only Jammin’ Jalapeño coming back, but it performing well enough to stay on the menu.”

Buffalo Wild Wings originally announced the in-restaurant return of Jammin’ Jalapeño by connecting with fans on social media to share the news — and in some cases, slid into their direct messages to coordinate sending gift packages complete with bottles of the craveable sauce. They also created and shared videos designed to highlight the passion fans have around Jammin’ Jalapeño.

Bottles of Jammin’ Jalapeño sauce can be purchased in Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants across the country.