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Arby’s Executive Chef Named to Power 20 List of “Disruptors and Rebels”

Vice President of Culinary Innovation & Brand Executive Chef for Arby’s, Neville Craw, was named by the Editors of Restaurant Business as one of the 20 Influencers Changing the Restaurant Industry.

“In the 14 years that Craw has led the culinary team, Arby’s has distinguished itself as a maverick in the quick-service space.” Restaurant Business

During his time at Arby’s, Neville has introduced dozens of new menu items, including Brisket, Deep Fried Turkey, Brown Sugar Bacon, and Traditional Greek Gyros. He even brought to market unique proteins like Venison, Elk, Duck, Pork Belly, and Porchetta.

Neville, writes Restaurant Business, has “propelled Arby’s into a culinary-driven company.” His team develops thousands of ideas every year which has “cemented Arby’s as a sandwich destination.”

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