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Jimmy John’s New Award-Winning Drive-Thru Optimizes Form & Function

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By Jessica Shock

When the National Restaurant Association (NRA) published 2030 projections around off-premises dining growth in 2019, they couldn’t have known that by 2022, it would boom into what 54% of adults are calling an “essential.”

As restaurants seek to maximize labor, materials, real estate and convenience, innovative design that meets the ever-shifting preferences of consumers will win the day in 2023 and beyond. In line with these preferences, Jimmy John’s — a brand known for being freaky fast in both order and delivery — recently introduced its first-ever drive-thru only (DTO) model with its first location in Florida.

Complete with multiple lanes to achieve easy drive-up and pick up orders, Jimmy John’s DTO restaurant has a smaller footprint than other traditional models to give guests the same speedy experience without ever having to leave their vehicle. With its iconic look and focused design, the drive-thru was recently recognized as a Restaurant Development and Design 2023 award winner for the Best New Prototype for an Existing Concept.

“We’re thrilled and honored to be recognized for our industry-leading drive-thru only design,” says Inspire’s Chief Development Officer Don Crocker. “It highlights just one of the many solutions we’re creating to optimize real estate opportunities and drive growth across the Inspire portfolio of brands for franchisees and investors.”

“This award speaks volumes of our Design & Construction teams, vendors, and the groundbreaking work they are doing,” says Don. “The opportunities are endless, and we look forward to sharing more innovations in the months and years ahead!”

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