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Jimmy John’s is a Perfect Fit Inside First Airport Location

By Raj Prashad

Jimmy John’s is all about offering up delicious sandwiches at Freaky Fast speeds. That’s why franchisees Ryan Bridgeman and Alejandro Alvarez landed on Jimmy John’s as the perfect restaurant concept inside McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

“The quality and speed of Jimmy John’s drew us to to the brand,” said Ryan. “The restaurant fit inside an airport setting, has national appeal and we knew it would be something guests would enjoy.

“Jimmy John’s checked all the boxes when it came to deciding what our next restaurant would be.”

The Jimmy John’s location is stationed in the pre-security part of the airport, making it easier for travelers to grab a quick bite to eat. Ryan and Alejandro are also actively working on delivery options within the airport terminals.

Although the restaurant recently opened, the early returns on Ryan and Alejandro’s first Jimmy John’s have left them excited for what might come next.

“We definitely have an interest in further exploring what we can do with the brand, whether it be in another airport, at a military base or in a traditional location,” said Ryan.

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