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Watch: Inspire CEO Paul Brown Visits Yahoo Finance

By Raj Prashad

Inspire Chief Executive Officer Paul Brown joined Yahoo Finance to discuss Inspire’s culture of innovation, how each brand is successfully navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and the value of the Inspire model.

After recently unveiling a bold restaurant design with SONIC Drive-In, Brown gave insight into the process that went into the brand’s new look.

“SONIC is the result of the same process that we do with all of our brands when we bring them into the portfolio, starting with Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. We’re clear around the positioning and promise of the brand, then making sure that carries through all elements, from marketing to the physical restaurant to the menu,” Brown said.

“This year, we launched a new marketing campaign for SONIC, which has been phenomenal. Obviously the new building design has been incredibly well-received. Customers are loving that design.”

The new marketing campaign for SONIC, highlighting families enjoying meals from the comfort of their cars, emphasizes how the brand has operated during the COVID-19 pandemic as a strictly car-centric model.

“Being able to serve guests through the drive-in and drive-thru is right in line with what’s happening today,” Brown said. “It’s a great concept, a nice oasis in people’s daily routine and it has a great product offering that people want to enjoy snacking and at lunch.”

Brown also spoke to the value of the Inspire model — having multiple restaurant concepts over different dayparts — from the success of Arby’s during the COVID-19 pandemic to Buffalo Wild Wings’ nimble shift to takeout and delivery and the brand’s new partnership with League of Legends.

“Really the thesis we have around the value of having a broad brand portfolio and achieving scale through acquisition really has played out very much over the last few months in terms of the value of our portfolio and the value of our scale,” Brown said.

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