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Jimmy John's

Jimmy John’s Jimmy Chips Now Available at Walmart

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Starting this month, fans of Jimmy John’s Jimmy Chips will be able to purchase the savory snacks for the first time at over 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide. Sold in new, large 8-oz bags, two fan favorite flavors of the chips – Regular and BBQ – will be  sold alongside other premium brands of kettle-style chips at the world’s leading retailer starting at $2.98 per bag.

“This is a huge moment for Jimmy Chips fans because for the first time, they will be able to shop for their favorite crunchy, flavorful chips at Walmart,” said Darin Dugan, Chief Marketing Officer at Jimmy John’s. “We’re excited to be able to partner with America’s largest retailer to expand the Jimmy John’s portfolio and extend accessibility to consumers across the U.S.”

Additionally, each Jimmy Chips bag features a QR code to access the Freaky Fast Rewards® program and enroll to earn tasty loyalty perks — like sandwiches, sides, drinks, and exclusive first-taste access to new products— on an ongoing basis.

To view a list of Walmart locations that currently carry Jimmy Chips for purchase, please visit