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Jimmy John’s Launches BOY MATH Catering Bundle

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Jimmy John’s new BOY MATH Catering Bundles make throwing a party so easy, it makes absolutely no sense. Launching October 3, the “Boy Math” Catering Bundle includes sandwiches made fresh to order on fresh-baked bread, using hand-sliced meats and fresh veggies, chips, premium sides (Jimmy Chips®, Jumbo Kosher Jimmy Pickles, homestyle potato salad or new pesto bowtie pasta salad) and Jimmy John’s Giant Cookies or Fudge Chocolate Brownies – no pots or pans required.

“We launched the BOY MATH Catering Bundle to make throwing a party so easy, it almost doesn’t make sense, just like ‘Boy Math’,” says Suzanne DeRouchie, Director of Social & Activation at Jimmy John’s. “We know that sometimes the thought of hosting can be overwhelming, especially to those people who lack kitchen supplies to whip up something themselves. Leave the mouthwatering sandwich making to us.”

Not to mention, the money you save from ordering a catering bundle means you just made money – hello, girl math!

The BOY MATH Catering Bundle is available for a limited time via the Jimmy John’s app or online at