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Meet the Dunkin’ Pizza Queen, Miriam Weiskind

Back in 2019, Miriam Weiskind decided to hang up her hat as a freelance creative director for a new passion: pizza. After making the shift to pursue pizza full-time, Weiskind was furloughed from both her pizza apprenticeship and job as a pizza tour guide in New York City due to the pandemic. A short time later, Miriam’s mother, Hyla, passed away from COVID-19. A beloved social worker who had touched many hearts in her Dayton, Ohio, community, Hyla always encouraged Weiskind to do what she could to help others.

Seeing the impact of the pandemic on so many people, Miriam decided to set up shop in her one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn and use her pizza talents for good. She started making pizzas and giving them away for free to first responders, anyone who had lost their job, or people who just needed a smile. Word of Weiskind’s incredible pizzas spread quickly, as friends, neighbors and complete strangers began reaching out to Weiskind via Instagram to donate or barter (including Dunkin’ gift cards!) for a pizza. Beyond their deliciousness, her pizzas have provided a sense of comfort and hope for her neighborhood.

Now making more than 16 pizzas per day and booked out for months, Weiskind says Dunkin’ has kept her running through it all. Decked out in her beloved Dunkin’ merch, Weiskind heads down to her local store each morning before she starts baking to get a large Dunkin’ coffee with two shots of French Vanilla and skim milk.

“My local Dunkin’ has stayed open throughout the pandemic and the crew is always so polite and gracious. I love bringing them pizza to take home to their families as a small token of appreciation for their dedication and kindness,” said Weiskind.

Dunkin’ is proud to keep amazing fans like Weiskind running and the brand shares her message that even something as small as a pizza or a coffee can go a long way in making someone’s day. If you live in New York City and see “for mom” written on a pizza box, you’ll know it was made with love by Weiskind.