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Inspire Brands: What Is Our Purpose?

By Paul Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Inspire Brands

When we launched Inspire Brands, we had a vision of what kind of company we wanted to be and where we wanted to go. As Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Rusty Taco come together, we are confident we are already onto something special, something exciting that our industry has never seen before.

We know that individually, our brands are strong; but as part of the Inspire platform, they can become even stronger. As we continue to grow, we believe the brands that join our portfolio, along with the team members who support them, will be recognized as part of one of the most innovative companies in any category — not just for redefining tastes and trends, but also for reshaping how companies and communities come together.

“There are tremendous differences between an organization defined by rules and procedures versus one defined by purpose and values.” Simon Sinek

Clarity of purpose is what will guide us to make the right decisions for each individual brand and for our entire enterprise. So, while Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Rusty Taco will always maintain their unique brand identities and values, as members of Inspire, we all share a common purposevision and behaviors.

Inspire Brands Purpose
Our purpose, vision and behaviors will be at the core of how we work together, serve our guests and strengthen our communities.


Paul Brown
Paul Brown
Chief Executive Officer, Inspire Brands