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Thank You, Team Members

By Paul Brown

Throughout this crisis, I have been so impressed and grateful for our team members. This week, my dog Lucy and I headed up I-75 from Atlanta towards Murfreesboro, TN stopping at 22 Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sonics and Jimmy John’s along the way.

It was incredibly uplifting to see so many of our team members with a great attitude despite the current difficult circumstances, continuing to provide our guests with a much-needed oasis in their day. Our restaurants, drive-ins, and sports bars play an important role in our communities – safely providing nourishment to all.

Across our system, we have seen so many examples of our team members and franchisees displaying our core behavior of being Good Citizens. Whether that is volunteering, contributing to relief funds, or providing food to healthcare workers and school children. I’ll be making a few more stops again soon to hear more from our team members and franchisees, as well as to say ‘thank you’ for all the incredible effort being put forward.