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Let’s Be Blunt, Jimmy John’s® is ROLLING Out an Epic 4/20 Celebration

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“Roll With JJ’s” Includes Limited-Edition Munchie Crusher Sandwich, Jimmy John’s Sandwich Wrap Rolling Papers, FREESIDE Nationwide Promo, and More for the Highest Holiday of the Year.

Jimmy John’s invites you to “Roll with JJ’s” this 4/20.

Jimmy John’s fans can live the high life and cure their munchies on 4/20 by ordering the limited-edition Munchie Crusher sandwich. This online and app-exclusive sandwich is stacked high on wheat with turkey, provolone & avocado spread, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced pickles, extra oregano-basil & mayo to satisfy even the biggest appetite. As a pro-tip – Jimmy John’s recommends 4/20 enthusiasts top their sandwiches with their favorite flavor of Jimmy Chips® to enhance their munchie crushing experience. Get the chips for free with the promo code FREESIDE* with any Regular or Giant size sandwich.

“Jimmy John’s bold and irreverent personality allows us to have some fun in the 4/20 space, which not all brands can do,” said Darin Dugan, Jimmy John’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re proud to satisfy the cravings of those participating in the day’s festivities – whether it’s on 4/20 or any other day of the year.”

For hungry fans in the LA-area, Jimmy John’s is opening its doors for an in-person event, complete with exclusive, limited-edition Jimmy John’s sandwich wrap rolling papers, a DJ, free swag, and the opportunity for “Roller to the Stars,” Ranagade PerRana, to wrap their sandwich!

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