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Rusty Taco Creates its First Double Shell Taco with the Uptown Stacked

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By Raj Prashad

For the first time since Rusty Taco opened its doors, the brand is launching a double shell taco with its signature queso and fan-favorite, hand-battered fried chicken taking center stage.

The Uptown Stacked taco starts with a soft, flour tortilla loaded with Rusty Taco’s signature warm queso and stacked with a crunchy corn tortilla. It only gets better from there with crispy fried chicken, hand-breaded in-house, topped with sweet honey, fresh slaw and a spicy Sriracha drizzle.

“With the chicken sandwich war seeming to never end, we think fried chicken is even better on a taco”, said Brendan Mauri, Brand President of Rusty Taco. “And we know we’ve got the best hand-battered chicken around so we decided to take our fried chicken taco up a notch for the holidays. The addition of a double shell, filled with our signature queso, and the sweet heat of honey and Sriracha takes this one to another level of craveability.”

For a limited time, guests can make any taco on the menu Stacked and Loaded with an option of queso or guacamole between a soft flour and hard corn shell.

Rusty Taco is also introducing the bold flavors of blueberry and pomegranate to its selection of margaritas with the Blueberry Pomegranate Margarita, available frozen or on the rocks.

The Uptown Stacked, Stacked and Loaded tacos and Blueberry Pomegranate Margarita are available for a limited time only and at participating locations.

Join the Rusty Taco loyalty program today to enjoy free chips and queso with your next taco purchase.