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Rusty Taco Unveils Savory New Green Street Taco

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By Raj Prashad

At Rusty Taco, every taco has a story. And the Green Street is no exception.

In 2018, Dayton, Ohio, franchisees John Slaughenhaupt, David Fisher and Eric Lundgren, Director of Operations Joe Newlin and the team’s HR manager Melissa Brandt came together to create the Green Street taco and named it after a real street in Ohio that one of the owners lived on. After tremendous popularity as a secret menu item in Dayton the past few years, the Rusty Taco team is excited to take the taco nationwide with its latest limited-time offering, available at participating locations.

The taco boasts fresh ingredients from Rusty Taco, featuring savory, roasted pork blended with housemade tomatillo sauce on a flat top grill, topped with jalapeno ranch, cotija cheese, cilantro, onion and avocado, inside a warm flour tortilla. Like all of Rusty Taco’s sauces and salsas, the tomatillo sauce and jalapeno ranch are made fresh, in-house every day.

“I think the Green Street taco shows how close-knit this system community is,” Slaughenhaupt said. “We talk, we share ideas and we move forward together.”

It’s efforts like these that make Rusty Taco a powerful franchise system, where franchisee and franchisor are constantly working together.

“This is an advantage of being part of a franchise organization like Rusty Taco.


This time it was the Green Street taco from Ohio, but the next time it could be a tasty idea from a corporate or franchisee location in Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, Texas or some other part of the country.” John Slaughenhaupt, Rusty Taco franchisee