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SONIC Celebrates Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse with New Limited-Edition Blackout Slush Float

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Free pair of eclipse viewing glasses given with every Blackout Slush Float purchase

SONIC® is giving fans an out-of-this-world experience for the rare North American Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th with the launch of the new Blackout Slush Float, available nationwide starting March 25th for a limited time. Guests will also receive one free pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses* with every purchase of the Blackout Slush Float, while supplies last, to help safely watch the eclipse and create fun memories of this momentous occasion.

Featuring a sweet, cotton candy and dragon fruit flavored, all-black slush representing the temporary darkness from the solar eclipse and topped with creamy white soft serve and blue and purple galaxy-themed sprinkles, the Blackout Slush Float will transport fans straight to outer space.

“There are over 400 SONIC locations in areas where the total solar eclipse will be visible, and we thought, what better way to create some fun for our fans as they experience this unique event than by introducing a new treat that’s as awe-inspiring as the eclipse itself?” said Mackenzie Gibson, Vice President of Culinary & Menu Innovation at SONIC.

SONIC is also partnering with former NASA astronaut, International Space Station commander and SONIC superfan, Terry Virts, to share tips on how to best enjoy the total solar eclipse. A veteran of two space flights and three space walks who has witnessed an eclipse from the ISS, some of his expert insights include:

  • This total solar eclipse is rare because it only happens every one to two decades: The last happened in 2017, and the next won’t be until 2044. Take advantage of this incredible scientific event, especially for those located in the path of totality, where the moon completely covers the sun!
  • Areas outside of the path of totality will still be able to enjoy a visual spectacle and see a partial eclipse, which is when the moon only covers up a part of the sun.
  • From space, a total solar eclipse looks like a big black shadow on the ground. Even from 1,000 miles away on the ISS, the eclipse is still visible!
  • Make sure to wear the proper protection on your eyes when viewing the eclipse. Eclipse-viewing glasses are not regular sunglasses. They are specially designed to comply with international standards and protect your eyes.

“I’ve been a longtime fan of SONIC and even tried to make slushes, shakes and burgers in space – and the new Blackout Slush Float creates a fun and tasty way for fans to get excited for this rare scientific phenomenon,” said Virts. “We’ll have to wait another 20 years for the next total solar eclipse, so be sure to make plans to watch this one. I’ll be watching from my local SONIC in Texas!”

Guests can check out which cities are included in the path of totality on and find their local SONIC at Guests planning to view the eclipse from SONIC should get their branded eclipse viewing glasses, free with every Blackout Slush Float purchase, in advance since supply is limited. On April 8th guests can come back to SONIC to view the eclipse while enjoying the Blackout Slush Float – just ask the team at the drive-in about the safest spot for viewing.

The Blackout Slush Float can be ordered at participating locations nationwide, starting March 25 through May 5th while supplies last. Prices vary by location.

Powered by the SONIC Foundation, SONIC donates a portion of all drink, slush, blast and shake sales to support public education through the SONIC Limeades for Learning® initiative.** Since 2009, SONIC has donated more than $27 million to funding local classrooms, becoming one of the largest programs to support public education in the U.S.

For guests looking to grab an inexpensive snack with their Blackout Slush Float, SONIC is also offering $1.99 Crispy Tender Wraps from March 4th – May 5th. Crispy Tender Wraps are available in Hickory BBQ, featuring an all-white meat crispy tender all wrapped up with hickory BBQ sauce, melty shredded cheddar cheese, and crispy shredded lettuce in a warm tortilla, and Cheesy Baja, featuring an all-white meat crispy tender all wrapped up with zesty cheese sauce, melty shredded cheddar cheese and crispy shredded lettuce in a warm tortilla.

*The eclipse viewing glasses have been approved for short-term direct observation of the sun by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and have been lab tested to ensure they are safe and meet all applicable rules and regulations. Check the back of the glasses for additional, detailed safety information before use.

**SONIC donates a portion of every Drink, Slush, and Shake purchase to the SONIC Foundation, which is used to support local schools across the communities SONIC serves through partners like DonorsChoose. The SONIC Foundation is a division of the Inspire Brands Foundation. For more information about the SONIC Foundation, visit