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Jason and Cara’s Unexpected Marriage at SONIC Drive-In

By Raj Prashad

As Jason and Cara drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, they played back all the significant moments they’d just experienced as part of their wedding day.

About 20 minutes into their drive, the newly-married couple realized they’d missed one crucial part of the wedding — actually signing their marriage papers.

Jason and Cara immediately pulled off the road and into the Roanoke SONIC Drive-In while they frantically called their pastor and family members in hopes of signing their papers that evening.

“Our pastor was my youth pastor in Texas, and he was flying back home the next morning. If we didn’t get to sign those papers, we would have had to get together with him another time or get someone else to sign them,” Jason explained.

“He didn’t answer his phone, my parents didn’t answer and finally the pastor’s wife picked up. She said ‘We need to sign those papers tonight,’ and they drove out to meet us. It was like 11:30 at night,  so we ordered two large sweet teas and waited for them at the drive-in. When they got there, we ordered them a couple of sweet teas as well and signed our paperwork.”

While the day didn’t go exactly as planned, Jason and Cara can still find humor in their unique wedding day story.

“We had a very intimate wedding ceremony, there were just four people, it was very small,” Cara said.

“Any time we drive by SONIC, we go, ‘Hey, there’s where we got married.’” Jason Burgess

As their first anniversary approaches, Jason and Cara don’t have plans set in stone, but they’d like to incorporate SONIC in some fashion moving forward.

“Every year we’ll have to celebrate by getting a slush or something like that,” Jason said.

Watch below as Jason and Cara tell their SONIC story.