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An Arby’s Manager Made a Difference With a Smile and a Jacket

By Raj Prashad

When a polar vortex dropped what was a normal winter freeze to historically low temperatures in Mishawaka, Indiana, Arby’s General Manager Cindy Strombeck saw a team member in need and jumped into action.

As the weather dropped to -40 degrees thanks to the wind chill, Cindy witnessed a team member walk into the restaurant that night for a shift wearing two sweatshirts pulled over each other in an attempt to keep warm. Cindy asked the team member where her jacket was, and she responded that she didn’t have one. Later that night, Cindy was determined to change that.

“When I came home, I looked through my jackets and found one that I thought would look great on her.


So when she came in on her next shift, I took her to my office and pulled out the jacket. I told her I’d like her to have it and she broke down into tears. When she tried it on, it fit her perfectly.” Cindy Strombeck, General Manager, Arby’s

After more than 30 years at Arby’s, Cindy takes every advantage she can to make a difference in her team members’ lives. This situation was particularly special for Cindy because the team member is a giving person and constantly puts others first.

“I just felt like she deserved someone to do something special for her.” Cindy Strombeck, General Manager, Arby’s

Thank you Cindy for making a difference in your restaurant and your team members’ lives.